My Projects

Jump, Goober, Jump!!

2D platformer made in flash. 30+ levels, multiple bosses and online level editor.


Website scraper/music streamer-player. Only somewhat legal (or illegal?)

Doggy Runner Platformer

Current project, platformer game for the iOS.
source here
online level editor here


CSE 331 final project (though the 3D stuff was just me).

Fill in the ___

Yahoo hackathon project. AS3 based INTERACTIVE CONTEXTUAL SEARCH ENGINE. Dat ui

AS3 Flixel/Box2d Demo

Some messing around I did involving Flixel/Box2D. Maybe a physics based platformer someday. Source Here


Javascript program made for Facebook Hackathon, uses Facebook graph API.

Save the Princess

Stealth puzzle action game made in java using the Slick library.


Tetris made in java using JFrames. 2d arrays ahoy!